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Our History

We are two strong individual people who have always appreciated hard work, through the guidance and encouragement of their parents, that is still treasured today. The story began way back in the year 2002 when Francesca and Fabio decided to take on the challenge of buying their first property together.  Fabio with his years of experience and love of the building trade, decided to take on the job of renovating the property.  Proud of what he had achieved they decided to turn this simple idea into a family owned business and rented the property out. Francesca with her management and administration skills managed the property very successfully, so much so that she started to take on the management of other properties for family, friends and new clients.  Fabio took on the role of Maintenance Manager for these properties.  In this role he could continue to use his skills gained over many years in the building industry.
Welcome in Rome / Homes in Rome is a very well known, successful and respected Holiday Apartment Rental and Tourist Information business with it’s head office in Rome, Italy. It was initially established as a partnership company in August 2006. Francesca as the principal partner worked full time as the Business Operations Manager for this organisation and in early 2013 she decided it was time to take over the whole operation. On the 1st June 2013, Welcome in Rome di Casini Francesca Trading as Homes in Rome was born :).
Since the very beginning of Francesca’s and Fabio’s move into property management activities their main focus has been on providing a diverse range of specialised, UNIQUE services to tourists visiting Rome. Their key activities were providing holiday accommodations that provide great freedom, convenience and more home-style comforts than the more typical hotel style accommodation available in Rome.  Homes in Rome identify privately owned homes and holiday accommodation, approach and work with the owners, ensure the apartments meet strict tourist and comfort criteria and then take over the management and bookings of these apartments on behalf of the busy Owners. Homes in Rome do not own any of the apartments, they simply provide a professional, efficient, unique service to enable the Owners of their Holiday apartments to get the most out of their investments by being able to maintain a high level of occupancy. Their role entails all contact between the tourist / client and the apartment owners providing all the necessary documentation, hosting and management services required. The change of name and focus on the creation and offering of unique property management services in June 2013, saw the business increase it’s bottom line substantially.
As a direct result of this increase, Francesca, Fabio and their Management Team began documenting their business operations and processes, developing a blueprint that formed the basis of a working business model that would enable them to implement an exciting new business development plan. Francesca and Fabio then began mentoring staff to take over the day-to-day operations of the business, enabling them to make substantial investments in their won marketing and business development skills and carry out research within Italy, Europe and outside the EU to expand the operations internationally. In late 2014, as a direct result of the investment made in developing their marketing property management and business development skills and the research undertaken by Francesca and Fabio, Welcome in Rome was now ready and committed to expanding it’s operations outside of Italy, Australia had been identified as one of their key market opportunities. The identification of a suitable Australian business consultant, saw a trip to Australia in September 2014 which enabled Francesca and Fabio to increase their knowledge and understanding of the Australian marketplace, gather the necessary data and information required to carry out a feasibility assessment which supported the decision for them to move forward with establishing a branch of their business in Australia.
Welcome in Rome was successful to gain suitable visas to enable Francesca and Fabio to relocate to Australia and begin work on establishing the Australian branch of their business. In February 2015,  Francesca Fabio and their daughter Chloe are in Perth – WA, ready to commence establishing their new Australian Business Unica Property Management Group.In 2006 from this one simple idea grew their now very successful Property Management Company in Italy, Welcome in Rome and Homes in Rome



Our Office Welcome in Rome in Italy provides the best service such as:  clients information meetings area, an available active team in a dedicated call center area for booking and assistance and  also a face to face and dedicated room for skype calls for conference with clients or business meetings.



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