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Our Mission

Unica Mission Statement:

To provide to our Clients and Guests with the highest level of Accommodation & Services by maintaining a management philosophy that provides a unique, specialised and trustworthy service delivered with dedication, commitment, integrity and good old-style Italian personal service to both the Australian and Italian Property Management markets.



Below are the list of key points that we decided were the foundations of our mission statement:


  • Our company was born from experiences of our past, we know first hand what not to deliver…
  • The core of our mission is driven by our Clients and Guests need for efficiency and their lack of time to manage their investment properties;
  • Holiday properties are places to relax, meet family and friends, host guests so our focus is to offer services to ensure the property reflects this message and remains an inviting, relaxing haven to visit;
  • Great attention to detail in all aspects of what we do;
  • Transmit a sense of quality and trust to our Clients;
  • For us the happiness and satisfaction of our Clients and Guests represents the encouragement to carry on in creating the best, most unique holiday & unique accommodation services business;
  • We create solutions to our Client and Guest needs, and answer their questions and solve their problems by creating unique, high quality services to meet their needs;
  • We’ve developed a range of accurate services bringing Unica Property Management Group a philosophy of precision to offer services to the Australian and Italian Property Management market;
  • We respond to your requests efficiently, effectively and with care and attention to detail.


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