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Parco dei Cimini Bio Resort

Parco Bio Piscina 2


Parco dei Cimini is a Bio Resort and fully certified organic Bio Agricultural Farm. It was
established in 1998 and is the result of the desire of the Caporossi family to transform the
biological products of the ancient agricultural lands, that the family has farmed since 1910,
into unique dishes to serve at the Resorts Restaurant and catering facilities and into local
artisan products to into todays competitive market place.
The history goes back to Stefano’s father, Umberto, the eldest of the family who passed on
his love for and the care of nature to his children, Stefano and Lorella. This knowledge has
been passed down from the generations and is offered to the Clients, surrounded by the
elegant setting that is Parco dei Cimini, as they are welcomed into the Caporossi home and
The agricultural lands span over 12 hectares of certified bio-organic farm lands in the
municipality of Corchiano, just 18kms away from the home of Parco dei Cimini nestled at the
foot of Monte Cimino. This area produces hazelnuts, kiwi fruit, olives and grapes, which are
produced by the business into local products and wines.
The production leverages the natural ecosystem and are not treated with any chemicals.
Although this makes them not aesthetically perfect we prefer the genuine paranormal powers
this gives to the consumer and enables us to bear the certification of the production of bioorganic
agriculture products.


The Bio-Resort also offers the following facilities and activities:


– Bio Swimming Pool
– Bio Lake filled with Koi and other tropical fish adding to the ambiance of the area
– Fully equipped gym
– Banquet hall
– Outdoor restaurant / event area
– Restaurant with centre enclosed atrium area
– Separate restaurant area for functions / events
– Two large commercial kitchens, one just completed including facilities for cooking
  lessons for up to 8 guests
– Outdoor Pizza Oven / BBQ area
– Outdoor Bar / Cafe near the pool
– Observatory offering astronomical events
– Nordic Walking
– Adventure Park
– Educational Activities / Petting Farm
– Activities in the Cimini Mountains


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