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Joya – Mobile Life Photography

“Glimpses of unexpected meaning through life in any place”. 


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The choice of iPhonography and mobile photography in general is for Joya not linked to the medium, but to the method. The eye she peers through would, she feels, be weighed down by the commitment to equipment and other options and choices, making such work a quest she did not sign up to.
Just occasionally, the lived-out experience throws up glimpses of meaning in the chiaroscuro we may overlook. She catches this if it chooses to become manifest. Nothing more. From the edges of existence, the fragments are arranged as if following a pattern of a place within.
“Sometimes the window is see-through, a filter of reality. Sometimes, the opening itself provides the experience”.


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Joya is currently living between London and Rome

Joya’s work can be seen and followed on Instagram, VSCO or at www.thebasiceye.com and it is made available in exchange for transaction of the mind so feel free to write on Instagram, Blog and Our Posts Page.


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