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Australia is an ancient land, and a rich one which must be explored in more than one sense. But where to begin?


Our Relocation Services Pack is more than a list of unlimited services for you and your family. Welcoming you is more than just a handshake. It is the beginning of a new friendship in your new home Country, the start of your new life.


“And Now?”

This is the first question that sprung into Francesca’s and my mind the first time we arrived here and went past Border Protection in this so very distant land. I remember the sky…a deep colour blue with thin and infinite clouds. A country full of smiles and sounds and a new language, and at the same time a distant foreign…our adventure was about to begin. Unforgettable memories after our arrival…our friends here. The persons who are dear to us and who openly welcomed us and helped us to integrate by welcoming us and patiently encouraging us to be a part of this completely unknown system for her eyes and for our minds. We would like to transmit this feeling to you also as you approach this new and unending land but we would like your approach to be also different. Without stress, feeling reassured by a warm embrace – a sense of positive emotion the will to discover and begin a new life experience.


…..Your new Australian adventure!


This idea stems from are more than ten years in Australia. We began as tourists. Over time, we matured our experience by exploring this continent in all its forms, throughout its territory, in relation with its people and with its administrative system. As we were seated one night after dinner we decided to create an appropriate package for you and for many person’s including families who wish to undertake a new life experience in this country but who do not wish to experience the extreme sense of foreignness. Welcome pack is a new concept born out of our past experiences and which step-by-step features a path for inclusion into this community: arriving at the airport, transfers, a series of services which can be configured according to your needs and depending on your visa: Holiday Student Working&Holiday, sponsor 457 and professional relocation. In-situ Partners and professionals are able to respond to any request or need including accountancy, tax, healthcare, employment and certified translations. We will be by your side to assist you. We have drafted a list with a series of precise and useful indications to be followed step by step but don’t worry aside from this we will represent your real support system in all steps following visa attainment as you enter Australia.


Our “Welcome Pack”

UNICA in collaboration with In-situ Partners and professionals is able to respond to any request or need.


  • Airport Transfers
  • Assistance with your new Australian Home and all the Utilities
  • Sim Card (with the best mobile plan)
  • Medicare Card
  • Assistance on how to open your new Bank Account
  • Assistance on how to request a TFN ( Tax File number)
  • Assistance in Job Connections
  • Assistance on how to buy a car
  • Health Care
  • Choice of Medical Center
  • Choice of Doctor
  • Private Insurance
  • Orientation Study or Vocational Guidance 
  • School integration and Admission
  • NAATI Translation
  • Tax Consultation


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